Cupid Intimates is striving to reduce the impact that our operations have on the environment.  It’s a goal shared by our employees, the residents of our host communities, our retail partners, and our customers.

Here are some steps we’ve taken:

At All of Our Facilities,
  • Our product tags are made using recycled materials.
  • We properly store and dispose of all waste and any hazardous materials.
Manufacturing Facility - Masaya, Nicaragua:
  • We now use re-useable cardboard cartons, instead of plastic bags, to move bundles internally.
  • We’re replacing our overhead, conventional lighting with digital lighting to improve energy efficiency. (Since 2009)
  • We’ve changed the way we primarily transport our goods to the United States, increasingly using container ships instead of cargo planes. (Since 2005)
  • We recycle our cutting-room fabric scraps. (Since 2011)
  • We’ve begun to recycle paper and plastic bottles. (2012)
Manufacturing Facility - Calera de Victor Rosales, Mexico: 
  • We recycle cardboard, wood, and plastic.
  • We ship directly to our Mexican customers, bypassing our warehouse and reducing our carbon footprint.
  • We instituted a program to separate our organic and inorganic trash in our eating areas, so that organics can be composted. (2013)
Operational Headquarters and Distribution Center – Blackwell, Oklahoma:
  • We’ve reduced the amount of plastic shrink-wrap we use to package the pallets of goods we ship to our customers.
  • We donate funds to help sustain the local recycling center in Tonkawa, Oklahoma.  Without these donations, this facility could not remain open.
  • We recycle cardboard, paper, plastic containers, aluminum cans, newspapers, magazines, phone books, and printer cartridges, preventing tons of refuse from being sent to the landfill each month.
  • We’re working with a consulting company to reduce, measure, and report our carbon footprint.
  • We’ve reduced the amount of packaging we use when shipping our products by eliminating excess plastic bagging.
  • The cardboard cartons used to ship our goods are made, in part, from recycled materials.
  • We reuse the cardboard cartons used to ship our goods among our factories and distribution center.
  • We eliminated the use of plastic liners in the boxes of goods we ship to our domestic retail partners.  We now use specially-coated boxes made with biodegradable materials.
  • We installed a system of computerized order-picking that relies on scanners and has reduced our use of paper. (2009)
  • We replaced our overhead, conventional lighting with digital lighting to improve energy efficiency. (2008)
  • We installed motion detectors to automatically turn off the lights of unoccupied offices. (2012)
  • In order to help us meet the EPA’s new emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles, we leased a new semi-tractor that uses DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). (2012)

Design Studio - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: 
  • We make use of teleconferencing in conducting many of our fittings.  This cuts down on the amount of travel of several of our employees.
  • We recycle paper.