Free Shipping

  • The use of special codes is not necessary.
  • In-stock items must be ordered using our Free Shipping option only.  Expedited delivery options don’t qualify for this treatment.  Free Shipping orders will be sent via Priority Mail® from the U.S. Postal Service.
  • The $50.00 total is determined by adding the prices of all in-stock items included in a particular order, after applying all relevant discounts and any special promotions.  Any applicable sales taxes will not be included in determining the total.
  • The $50.00 total applies to individual orders only.  The totals of two or more orders, regardless of how closely in time they’re placed, cannot be added together to reach the $50.00 minimum amount.
  • Customers are responsible for paying the shipping fees associated with the return of any item originally purchased as part of the free-shipping program, unless the item is damaged, defective, or incorrectly fulfilled (wrong style, color, or size).  For those exceptional cases, please see the instructions on our Return & Cancellation Policies page.
  • We’re sorry. This offer can’t be applied to any previously-placed orders.