“I can't tell you how much I love my Cupid® stay-cool shaper I bought at Walmart.  I will buy more.  I sit at work all day and it keeps my tummy in place.  I do believe it also helps my posture.  Terrific product.”

Nancy B.

“I love you.  I bruised my ribs after a bad fall a few weeks ago and your style 5441 saved me.  Gave me the support and stability so I was able to heal faster.  I slept with it on.  You saved me.”

Ann J.

“I just wanted to take a minute to let you know about one of your Customer Service Reps.  She worked tirelessly with me over the past few weeks trying to track down a package that has gone missing. … She went the extra mile trying to sort out the location and decided to resend the product to me while she continued searching.  Wait.  Whaaaa?  Talk about going over and above the call of duty.  I received the resent package in just a few days and am one very happy customer who will definitely be ordering from your company again.”

Kathleen Y.

“Thank you for your extra special customer service.  I am enjoying the Naomi and Nicole® products and am glad I found your company!”

Diane C.

“I’ve literally looked high and low for … A163 … .  THESE WERE MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE UNDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  … I’ve tried every brand, every style, and NOTHING COMPARES TO THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … THESE ARE THE ONLY LINE-FREE AND WEDGIE-FREE UNDIES!!!  They don’t give me a muffin top.  They don’t dig into my thighs leaving a weird bump.  I feel and look the best in these!!!””

Carla M.
New Jersey

“I just wanted to, again, say thank you.  I received my shapewear today and it was all I hoped it would be.  The fit was perfect and it gave me the look I was wanting.  … You have made me a believer in your company."”

Tony C.

“Finally, shapewear that lives up to its word!  I recently purchased a TC Just Enough Tummy control hi-waist brief.  It is a fabulous product for the plus size woman!  … It is the most comfortable shapewear I have ever worn in 63 years!  It does not roll down and it does not ride up.  I only wish I would have discovered this brand sooner after wasting money on (your competition).  I have now purchased 2 more pair of the Tummy control hi-waist and a long leg version.  I am in shapewear heaven!  Thank you.”

Jean E.

“I am so happy to have discovered your Wonderful Edge® panties!  I have been using sock glue from my daughter’s Irish dance bag to keep my panties from riding up.  This is a miracle.  No more sticky sock glue!  Thank you so much!”

Rebecca K.

“Naomi & Nicole is by far the best underwear I have owned!  I wear the lace trim hipster, I can do anything and have no problems with it riding up or irritating me.  I work as a nurse with it and I work out with them.  Great job!  I am excited to try new products in this line.”

Tiffany T.

“I was reading some of the testimonials on here and can’t believe how many women are so excited about the panties with the edge.  I also tell everyone I know about these ‘miracle’ pants …until these panties … I could never find any that didn’t ride up!!  ... I just want to finish by saying … ‘PLEASE DON’T EVER STOP MAKING THESE,’ they are all that I wear and would be SO disappointed.

Thanks for your time.”

Janice B.

“Always look forward to knowing about Cupid.  I discovered your awesome product many, many years ago.  You have really been burning the midnight oil with the new lines.  Great job.  Looks like you have covered all the bases.

Thank you again,”

Penny H.

“I am a senior age male, who was married for almost 50 years to my lovely wife who has passed away.  We raised 2 wonderful children and during that time I was a crossdresser who wore women’s underwear almost all the time.  Both my wife and children knew that I wore panties and didn't care!  I wore panties of many different brands, but until just recently I had never had the opportunity to wear any of yours.

I now have 3 pair of your style A404 and love them.  Although they are not silk or satin, which is my preference, they are quite wonderful.

I am sure that I will be buying more of your products in the near future!!  Thank you for your products!!”

Stephanie S.

“ Hi,

I fell in love with one of your Naomi & Nicole products … . It was style #716.  I'm not sure how to adequately explain how amazing this product was.  I bought a pack of two about 2 years ago and just recently I had to throw out one b/c I wore it too much.”

“One of the things I liked most about this product was that it was not at all tight around the waist.  I'm not looking for something to slim my tummy, just something long enough to (prevent) my legs from rubbing against one another… .  I'm a healthy and very active 5'4" 150lb girl but my thighs do touch when I walk, and in the hot and humid New York summers, product #716 was my lifesaver!  The slightly rubbery strips at the bottom of these shorts were amazing - they never rode up! ”

“I have to be honest, this is the first time I've ever contacted a company because I loved a product so much. ”

“ I'm so impressed with your customer service, thank you again.”

Katie K.
New York

“I just bought a camisole from Walmart.  I had never heard of your company before.  I want to sincerely thank you!!  It has been hard for me to find a comfortable camisole in my size.  It feels so nice and supports me well.  Thank you for making a size 40 that still makes me feel pretty and not too big! ”

Mary Beth K.
South Carolina

“Thank you for the great customer service that I have experienced.  I purchased several products and they were reported as delivered.  I was unable to find the package anywhere.  I received a replacement order quickly and successfully.  I felt bad having to report a lost package but everyone was so helpful and supportive.  Great Customer Service like what I received is rare and I appreciate it.  Not only do I love your products, now I have even more reason to love the company.  Thank you.”

Valerie S.

“I am almost in tears as I write this because I am SO thankful and SO happy I found your products.  Not only are they FINALLY down to a price I can afford (other shapewear is three-four times your prices, which is why I don't buy them!), but your stuff is comfortable and allows me to leave the house feeling so secure and good about myself.  I'm a single mom who lost 120 pounds and there are certain clothes I just can't wear, but not any longer!  I can wear anything and look like a million bucks!  THANK YOU!!!!”

Jenni D.


Let me start this email with !!!!!  ... I love this shaper!!!!!  It is 100x better than the (one) I have (from one of your competitors) ... which feels like cotton panties w/no control compared to this!  This shaper delivers everything the tag promised, wonderful edge, no ride, no lines, extra firm control, and I looked 10lbs lighter!!  … I purchased this shaper for a wedding, (and) it made my dress look fabulous by the way....


Becky P.

“I have never E-mailed anyone about a product before but had to tell you how absolutely fabulous your A 105 women's panties are!!!!  I have told several girls how great they are ... we are all golfers and every line shows … all of the time!  I just bought my 10th pair and have unknowingly become a volunteer rep for your company!  The girls that have since bought a pair said they have thrown out every pair of other brands they have ever owned!  Great product!!!!!!  Don’t ever quit making them!”

Kathy S.

“I purchased my first TC camisole last June, I just purchased my third one a few days ago.  I am also a breast cancer survivor and have had a mastectomy, I now wear a prosthesis.  Before getting the camisole I was always trying to adjust the prosthesis, after putting the camisole on for the first time I found that my prosthesis stays in place.  Thank you for such a fine product.”

Mildred M.

“THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  For finally making an underwear that STAYS IN PLACE AND shows no panty line.  I just discovered these wonderful panties (style A164) and can't believe how great they are.   I have always been made fun of for always adjusting my panties especially when wearing pants.  I hate thongs!   I so Love these.  They wash beautiful and the elastic holds up great.  They also are very comfortable.   Thank you again from a very happy customer :).”

Felicia D.
New York

“I am thrilled!  Thank you so much.  I absolutely love your products, and look forward to growing old together.”

Kathleen M.

“ACCOLADES for your Cupid light control "Wonderful Edge" panties!  I had been searching and searching for panties that would NOT ride up, stay put and last through multiple washings.  I happened on to yours at Walmart, noticed the edge and decided to try them.  I have since bought eight or ten pair and really LOVE them!  The edge has survived countless washings and the panties have also kept their shape.  I like to compliment a company when they make an excellent product.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product and future good luck with your company!


Marilyn A.

“Thank you so very much for all your help to make sure my order will arrive correctly!!!  You have great customer service and I only wish everyone could have the customer service you have shown!!!  Because of your great service I will definitely buy from you guys again!!!!

Thanks again!”

Katherine F.

“I’m not a big girl per say but I have been self conscious lately so I’d been looking at torsettes for awhile.  This weekend I finally mustered the courage to purchase one.  After browsing the lingerie section I picked up another brand and found another torsette by Naomi and Nicole®.  I tried the other brand’s bodysuit and found the crotch fasteners aggravating and annoying.  Both the bodysuit and actual torsette bunched and crinkled in the back and front.  The less expensive Comfortable Firm® Torsette by Naomi and Nicole® was fabulous!  It was $32 and didn’t bunch, crinkle or poof out!  As a first time shapewear buyer I’m hooked!  I would absolutely recommend any ladies of any shape to try this brand on for themselves!  Expensive doesn’t always make it the best, and Naomi and Nicole® proves it!”

Jessica B.