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Unfortunately, at some point, cancer will touch the lives of most people. Some will battle it themselves; most will know a friend, co-worker, or family member engaged in the fight. The employees of Cupid Intimates are no exceptions. Some of us have fought it ourselves; many of us have had someone close to us stricken with it.

The fight against cancer seems so daunting both because of the wide variety of cancers that exist and the inconsistent effectiveness of available treatment options. Cancer can strike almost any part of the body. And though the best known categories of cancer treatment - surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy – are often very helpful, depending on a patient’s condition and type of cancer, any one of these may not be an effective option, or reasonably tolerated due to side effects. Fortunately, these aren’t the only ways to tackle cancer. And we’d like to do what we can to encourage research into newer treatment options for all cancer patients, regardless of what type of cancer they have.

One of the most exciting and promising new methods of cancer prevention and treatment involves leveraging the human body’s own natural defenses in the fight. Known as cancer immunotherapy, it employs our own immune system to fight cancer cells. And we believe we’ve identified the best organization currently working to advance the use and effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy: the Cancer Research Institute (CRI), which has worked for more than sixty years to advance this approach to cancer treatment.

With your help, we want to make a significant gift to this incredible organization. We’ll donate $3.00 of the retail price of each and every English Rose Naomi & Nicole® Microfiber (styles A103, A104, A105, & A106), Clean Finish Microfiber (styles A143, A144, A145, & A146 only), and Lace Trim (styles A163, A164, A165, & A166 only) panty we sell until we reach our goal of providing a $10,000 total donation to CRI. And we’ll donate the full $3.00 per English Rose panty, even if three or more units are purchased and our reduced, 3-for panty pricing is applied.

So, buying our Naomi & Nicole® panties won’t just give you the benefits of our revolutionary Wonderful Edge®, no lines/no ride, silicone feature; it’ll help translate your good intentions into tangible action in the fight against all types of cancer.

Please click here to learn more about the Cancer Research Institute and what makes it so special.

Please click here to learn more about cancer immunotherapy and why it holds so much promise.